Parental Guidance Suggested: Spirited Away

We can foster and grow the good inside us—the good that God put there. First, he suggests that Wren (also a straight-A student) tank a few classes and “bank a few detentions” so she can position herself as “one of the people,” not some elitist. Then Wren instructs Kimberly to dig up some dirt on Josh (an eighth grader), which she does. Clint encourages Wren to repost Josh’s (ill-advised) post to garner votes. Clint’s sister died of cancer sometime before the movie begins.

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past is quite attracted to Clint.
  • He’s written for a number of other publications, too, including Time, The Washington Post and Christianity Today.
  • The same goes for the Turtle-like character.
  • And in a way, that’s a central theme of our faith.
  • Then Wren instructs Kimberly to dig up some dirt on Josh (an eighth grader), which she does.

A pair of women in love living in a nearby campsite invite Faye over for dinner. They are struggling to decide to get married or not. We learn that Faye, who recognizes the cry of an American kestrel, used to fly bush planes in Yellowstone. The campsite has mail delivered to its residents. Faye recalls that the area once had Basque shepherds grazing sheep. A childhood friend named Lito (Wes Studi, “Dances with Wolves”) arrives with a black dog.

Indeed, the spirit world is staged in the Meiji era (1868 to 1912), the period when Japan broke out of isolation and became receptive to Western influences. This aesthetic choice is in sync with other references to emerging industrialization such as the train noise that unfittingly arises from a tranquil field to the dark boiler room with tiny laborers. On the plus side, this production’s bloated run time does not contain a lot of troubling content. There is almost no profanity, only brief non-descriptive sexual references, and minimal social drinking. The only parental issue is the kind of over-the-top sanitized violence that typifies the genre.

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Then, there are the strange patrons of the bathhouse. In one memorable sequence, a stink spirit (a motile mass of sludge and trash) shows up looking for a bath. The stink spirit itself isn’t terribly frightening, but it’ll churn your stomach when Chihiro gets covered (and eventually embedded head first) in its reeking muck. After realizing that the stink god is full of human trash, Chihiro rallies the bathhouse staff to help her remove it all from the stink god’s body.

Higher up the mountain the ground is so stony Fay seems to have reached the moon. The view from the top is a night full of stars. “A Love Song” is a film that invites us to gaze at such wonders. “Even if you lost your way, you don’t have to stay a lost cause,” a fun little song in Spirited tells us. That change rarely takes us full circle in a single night, as it does in Dickens’ original Christmas Carol.

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