Detailed Description


  • Made from our signature super-soft, stretchy SuperFLEXtpr™
  • Unique design combines the sensations of a ballsling, JO toy, and cocksheath
  • Textured inner chamberstimulates like a JO toy
  • Stretchy, blubbery material grips like a second skin
  • Soft material and JO sheath design beef up your natural size and girth
  • LUBE SAFE: Water-based or silicone


Length: 7.5 in

Width: 2.25-3.5 in

Main hole circumference: 5.5 in

Shaft hole circumference: 3.5 in

Ball hole circumference: 3.5 in

Shaft length: 5.0 in

Smallest usable shaft circumference: 5.0 in

Largest usable shaft circumference: 6.75 in

Weight: 9 oz

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Frost Clear, Steel