Ultimate Ring 2.0

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Detailed Description

Ultimate Silicone Cock Ring

Thick girth for powerful erection.
No roll comfort fit.
Xtreme durability.
100% silicone
3x stretch.

External Diameter: 2.0″ (50mm)
Internal Diameter: .8″ (20mm)

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  • Boneyard Silicone Rings 5 pc Set – Black


    Boneyard Silicone Rings 5 pc Set – Black

    Detailed Description

    Boneyard 5 pcs Kit.
    These must-have man toys are designed with superior materials and production thus increasing both comfort and lifespan.
    The powerful and iconic Boneyard-branded design has a sleek silicone finish and features a superior and durable 3x-stretch.
    The soft medical grade 100% silicone rings and non-roll design provide a snug fit that both the wearer and his playmates will appreciate.
    Unique to themselves, these rings synergize with the wearer, providing endless comfort when wearing under your jeans.
    Ideal for stacking and perfect for stores to ensure customer does indeed obtain the correct size.
    You can be assured that they will withstand the punishment of your longest play sessions time and time again.
    The rings are packaged in a full-range 5 set kit for custom adjusting. Sizes are 1.2″, 1.4″ 1.6″, 1.8″ and 2.0″.
    They are also sold individually for multiple uses.
    Keep you hard longer & Stronger – No roll comfort fit – Xtreme durability – 100% silicone – 3X stretch
    5 Sizes – 1.2″ (30mm) – 1.4″ (35mm) – 1.6″ (40mm) – 1.8″ (45mm) – 2.0″ (50mm)
    2 Colors – Black and Grey
    Care Instructions – Safe with all lubricants – Wash after use with soap and water – Allow to air dry