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During the onboarding process, we try to match you with a primary bookkeeper who has experience in your industry. If that isn’t possible, we try to make sure that a member of the bookkeeping team has the experience necessary to handle industry-specific questions that you may have. For those new to working with a bookkeeper, it might take some time to learn how to best utilize QuickBooks Live service. While maintaining records is relatively straightforward, obtaining valuable, business-specific reporting may take some time working with your dedicated bookkeeper.

At the end of each month, your bookkeepers review and close your books. QuickBooks Online Plus has this capability built in, but it’s not required, so many businesses don’t do it. After reviewing all of the month’s transactions and fixing anything that needs fixing, your bookkeepers set a closing date and lock everything that was entered before then. This helps prevent accidental changes that could impede accurate reporting. Your bookkeepers tell you before they close out a month so you can enter any transactions that might be missing. You can track projects and related transactions, and the site will keep a running tally of each project’s profitability.

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In fact, if you don’t do this and enter transactions manually, you’ll be duplicating your efforts. The site imports your cleared transactions daily and displays them in registers. You assign categories to expenses (such as supplies, shipping and delivery expense, and utilities) so you get all of the deductions you can on your income taxes. There are three levels of service for QuickBooks Live, all of which include the subscription fee for QuickBooks Plus, which is regularly priced at $70 per month. Low-Volume Bookkeeping is designed for businesses with up to $25,000 in monthly expenses.

quickbooks live reviews

Everything in your accounts gets touched by your bookkeepers, so nothing falls through the cracks—as long as you’re keeping up with your transactions. They don’t give tax advice, and they don’t serve as business advisors. They don’t take on daily accounting tasks like invoicing or paying bills.

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Small business owners appreciate that QuickBooks offers very affordable rates for smaller firms. Pricing scales with the volume of your monthly expenses, so smaller companies can get one-on-one help for as little as $200 per month. But if you’re a larger business and you process a lot of transactions and need your financial books to be as clean and organized and comprehensive as possible, QuickBooks Live may make sense for you. Certainly, if you’re planning to get a loan or take on investors or make other major business changes sometime in the future, you need a pristine accounting file.

To fill that gap and help businesses succeed, we’ll begin testing what we’re calling “QuickBooks Live Assisted Bookkeeping” (Assisted Bookkeeping). This new program offers businesses access to QuickBooks experts who will provide guidance without taking control of their books—someone who will “do it with me,” rather than “do it for me”—at a lower cost. QuickBooks Online gives you everything you need to support your operations, qbo login including accounts receivable and accounts payable features. When it comes to small business accounting solutions, QuickBooks is the clear market leader in the industry, and for good reason. Most small business owners aren’t accountants or bookkeepers and need straightforward accounting tools that meet their needs and preferences. First, a bookkeeper goes through your past books line by line and brings them up-to-date.

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QuickBooks Online also has a robust feature set, support for up to 25 users, and hundreds of integrations with business apps and software. QuickBooks Online comes with a wide breadth of features and has the complex accounting capabilities that small business owners need. QuickBooks Online also has a few unique features you won’t find elsewhere, such as QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping service and QuickBooks Capital built-in lending. You’ll get good performance from any of the QuickBooks range of products and services, with the cloud-based online options being as good as anything out there on the market.

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