Detailed Description

    6-PACK cockring is built for rough, hard-muscled sex.

    Its light weight and tight enough to keep your fuck-muscle hard, but super stretchy to keep your nuts in play.

    Made by ATOMIC JOCK of SKINFLEX blend a resilient non-toxic super plastic that stretches 8X it’s original size and snaps back into shape every time.

    Information – 

    Lube Safe: Water-base, oil-base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

    Specifications – 

    Total Length: 1 7/8”

    Inside: 7/8”

  • Ass-X Asslock


    Ass-X Asslock

    Detailed Description

    Plug N’ Play with ASS-X, the new ergonomic ass-lock from Atomic Jock.

    Super comfortable butt-plug attached to Unit-X sling.

    Specifications – 

    Materials: Flex-TPR, safe, non-toxic, phthalate free

    Total Length: 11″/27.94 cm

    Length Between Plug and Sling: 6.5″/16.51 cm

    Height: 3″/7.62 cm

    Circumference: 4.5″/11.43 cm

    Sling Height: 2.25″/5.71 cm

    Openings: 3.75″-4.25″/9.52-10.80 cm

  • Cock-Lock



    Detailed Description

    Modeled after our COCKSLING-2, we’ve gone one step further and made the squishiest, most stretchable chastity device around.

    This super soft TPR cock cage stretches to fit even the most eager sub’s leaking member.

    Each COCK-LOCK has a small opening at the tip allowing for easy bladder emptying and extended wear.

    Specifications – 

    FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

    Lube safe: water-based, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store so they do not touch each other.

    Total Length: 3.5″/ 8.89 cm

    Cock Hole: 1″ x 1.5″/ 2.54 cm x 3.81 cm

    Ball Hole: 1″/ 2.54 cm

  • Cock-T Cockring


    Cock-T Cockring

    Detailed Description

    Simple is better, COCK is just the right thickness, the perfect width, but not bulky, and it stays in place.

    Our silicone is pure–no fillers, no blends, just 100% platinum silicone.

    COCK-T is a tighter fit, perfect size for most guys.

    Specifications –

    Pure Platinum Cure SOFFLEX Silicone

    Lube safe: Water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

    Inside Diameter: 1.1/4”/3cm

    Height: 3/4″/2cm

    Outside Diameter: 2.1/4”/5.5cm

  • Donut-2 Fatty


    Donut-2 Fatty

  • Gripper Nipple Suckers


    Gripper Nipple Suckers

    Detailed Description

    Each pair is topped with a small handle perfect for tugging,’ flickin,’ or any other tit torture you might have in mind.

    Information – 

    FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic, and phthalate free

    Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes.

    Specifications – 

    Total Length: 2 inches

    Total Circumference: 1.12 inches

    Smallest Usable Circumference: .75 inches

  • Humpballs



    Detailed Description

    HUMPBALLS is made from our super soft SKINFLEX-TPR so it’s made for comfortable extended wear and use.

    HUMPBALLS are also great for nut stretchin’, stack ‘em on your sack and see just how low you can make your sweaty ballbag swing.

    Specifications – 

    Outside Circumference: 5”/ 12.7 cm

    Inside Circumference: 2.5”/ 6.35 cm

    Thickness: .5”/ 1.27 cm

  • Jelly Bean


    Jelly Bean

  • Jerk Jack-Off


    Jerk Jack-Off

    Detailed Description

    The ribbed insides of JERK massage your manhood and the super soft TPR rubber feels fuckin’ amazin’ slidin’ and slurpin’ on your dong.

    The suction cup base feels fuckin’ hot suckin’ down on your fuck stick with every thrust of your bloated meat.

    Information –

    Lube safe: Water base, oil base, silicone base, hybrid.

    Specifications – 

    Total Length: 6.5”/ 16.51 cm

    Usable Length: 5”/ 12.7 cm

    Smallest Outside Circumference: 5.5”/ 13.97 cm

    Largest Outside Circumference: 7”/ 17.78 cm

  • Muscle Cocksheath


    Muscle Cocksheath

    Detailed Description


    • This cocksheath is made from soft TPR, designed to mold to your dick with a deep sucking sensation.
    • The base is modeled after our signature COCKSLING-2 and holds this thick rubbery dong on your junk…no matter how hard you’re slammin’ in n’ out.
    • If you want a tighter fit, no need to worry, each MUSCLE comes with a small silicone stopper that locks perfectly into the grooved indents at whatever length suits your dick.
    • FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic, and phthalate free.
    • Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other.


    Overall Length: 10.0 in/ 25.4 cm

    Insertable Length: 8.0 in / 20.3 cm

    Circumference: 6.0 in/ 15.2 cm

  • Sprocket Cockring


    Sprocket Cockring

    Detailed Description

    SPROCKET cockring is made from all new material, it feels “blubbery”…squishy…but elastic enough to squeeze your junk and keep you super-hard—it will not dig into your flesh like other cockrings.

    OXBALLS tested this cockring on everyone they could find…porn-boys that “shoot” for Titan, Go-Go boys here in LA…wet underwear contests…and of course a lot of one-on-one product testing…

    The result is the perfect cockring, it’s strong and super stretchy, rubbery enough it doesn’t choke your balls til they’re blue…it just fits…after our last photo-shoot, the guys that wore this cockring grabbed handfuls for their personal use, and knowing what sluts they are I’m sure a lot of you have seen ‘em in use up close already…

    If you like OXBALLS original HUMPBALLS cockring, (our tighter fit cockring–keeps the blood-flow all in your dick and you rock hard), you’ll drip over SPROCKET–bigger, thicker, and you can wear it longer because it fits right and feels so good for stroking or long fuck.


    Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

    Stats (Approximate):
    Total Height: 1.75″/ 4.45 cm
    Inside Circumference: 2.75″/ 6.99 cm
    Outside Circumference: 5.75″/ 14.61 cm

  • Tri Sport 3-Ring Sling


    Tri Sport 3-Ring Sling

    Detailed Description

    Made up of 3 conjoined cockrings that grip your dick, balls, and the base of your shaft.

    TRI-SPORT is modeled after traditional steel tri-cockrings but without all the discomfort and rigid material…no worrying about pinching metal or trying to wrestle your hard dick into a too tight steel contraption.

    It’s made from blubbery FLEX-TPR so it molds to your meat and stretches to fit your junk just right.

    TRI-SPORT’s unique versatile design lets you choose how you wear it…you can pull your nuts through the wider opening and have more grip on your dick or mix it up if you’ve got a huge hog and tight balls or anything in between.

    Specifications – 

    Height: 1.75”/ 4.445 cm

    Width: 2.25”/ 5.715 cm

    Cock/Ball Opening Circumferences: 3.5” – 4” (8.89 cm – 10.16 cm)

  • Truckt Cockring Set


    Truckt Cockring Set

    Detailed Description

    Truckt 2-Pack Cockring Set

    TRUCKT cockrings hugs your meat with 2 different fits–the large one for a good grip on your cock & balls and a good hard bone, the smaller one if you want more grip for rock-hard meat…or wrap your cock & balls with the large ring, and use the smaller ring stretched around your ballsack for tons of grip…
    Made of super-strong SKINFLEX-TPR, our best material for strength and serious stretch. Stretches 5X its size and snaps back every time…and this stuff feels amazing, no squishy stuff for a floppy dick here, this is serious stretch for serious hard bone…

    Inside the ring is a shallow channel, as you stretch the ring this flattens out so the ring stays where you put it, doesn’t roll or snag your pubes…we hate round rings that roll…
    Skinflex-TPR, Phthalate Free
    Lube safe: water-based
    Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, always wash and dry any stretchy sex toy after use, they will last longer.


    2.2” wide x0.75” tall
    Inside Diameter: 7/8”

    1.6” wide x .5” tall
    Inside Diameter: 0.70”

  • Unit X Sport Cocksling


    Unit X Sport Cocksling

    Detailed Description

    Unit X is a sleek, sporty, power sling built for speed.

    Built to fit closer to the base of your dick, higher on your ball sack.

    It wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ball sack, no extra thick rings or chunky bits.

    It’s made from an all new blend that stretches more and it feels more rubbery.

    Information – 

    Made of the best Thermoplastic Rubber TPR blend safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.

  • Unit-X Stretch


    Unit-X Stretch

    Detailed Description

    Based on the best selling UNIT-X, this STRETCH version adds more squeeze to your sack…it grips the base of your dick and balls while pushing your nuts down low in their ball-bag. It’s sleek and super stretchy just like the UNIT-X, but with an extra inch of rubbery ball stretching.

    There’s an inner ring near the bottom that keeps your balls, (even high and tight ones), pushed down…and its squishy enough it’ll fit even huge ball-sacks…

    Made from out exclusive TPR blend, its non-toxic, phthalate free, and no scent…our blend feels like the best silicone but stretches further.

    Information – 

    Phthalate-Free TPR blend

    Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

    Specifications – 

    Total Length: 3”/ 7.6 cm

    Penis Opening: 1 1/8” / 2.9 cm

    Ball Opening: 1” / 2.5 cm

  • Wanker Open-End Stroker


    Wanker Open-End Stroker

    Detailed Description

    Pull your pud with WANKER, the new squishy, stretchy fuckable jack-off toy from ATOMIC JOCK.

    The ribbed inside of WANKER massages your meat and the super soft TPR rubber feels fuckin’ amazin’ slidin’ and slurpin’ on your beefy hog.

    Fill it with lube, stuff your junk in, and fuck it like a droolin’ mouth or a dick-starved buttpucker.

    The unique ergonomic shape creates a snug suckin’ sensation and doubles as a nifty grip.

    WANKER has two different sized openings so you can fuck one side for a tighter grip or the other if you’re into looser, sloppier suckin’.

    For some serious slurpin’ suction…we recommend burpin’ out all the air by firmly squeezing out any excess air bubbles surrounding your cock.

    Lube safe: Water-based

    Cleaning: Detergent and warm water, diluted bleach/water solution. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and avoid leaving product touching other TPR rubber/silicone products.

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Usable Length: 5.5”/ 13.97 cm
    Smallest Outside Circumference: 5.25”/ 13.335 cm
    Largest Out side Circumference: 6.75”/ 17.145 cm
    Weight: 8.5 oz